Fieldwork in Landscape Architecture: Methods Actions Tools

Call for book contributions

The initial encounter between designer and landscape determines the course of the entire design process. Mastering approaches to this encounter therefore precedes every other design skill. The present call seeks experiences, practices, methods, and tools that can help students of landscape architecture and related disciplines to gain this mastery.

Fieldwork in Landscape Architecture: Methods Actions Tools, written by Thomas Oles and Paula Horrigan and forthcoming from Routledge, will find an immediate audience among students and instructors of landscape architecture, where it has no direct equivalent. It will also attract many non-specialist readers with an interest in landscape, design, and the creative process.

We invite contributions from landscape architecture and environmental design educators, practitioners, and students, as well as from other disciplines with fieldwork traditions (geography, anthropology, the natural sciences, the arts). People who work at the intersection of disciplines, or who mix professional, academic, and artistic practice are especially encouraged to propose contributions.


Three types of contribution to Fieldwork are possible:

Voices reflect on your own fieldwork experiences and memories as they relate to the design of landscape. They are written texts narrated in the first person. They may be illustrated with images.

Hooks describe a fieldwork tool or heuristic you have employed, developed, or adapted for the design of landscape. They are written texts narrated in either the first or third person. They are illustrated with at least one and up to four images.

Translations are representations of your own or others’ fieldwork findings, discoveries, queries, or outcomes. They may employ a range of symbolic systems, from writing to painting to music to film. They are illustrated with at least one and up to four images, and may include links to online content difficult to reproduce in book form.

You may make up to three (3) contribution proposals, in any combination of types. Proposals must use the official submission packet available at the bottom of this page.


The deadline for proposals is 31 March 2017.

Proposals will be reviewed during April and May 2017. Contributors can expect to be notified of acceptance by June 2017. Revised submissions, permissions, and releases will be due from contributors in Fall 2017. Book publication is scheduled for early 2019.

Contributors will be subject to the Taylor and Francis Group’s author guidelines on style, image use, copyright, and permissions. All contributors will be credited in the final publication.

To ask a question about the submission process or publication schedule, please contact the authors.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to receiving your submission.