Who we are


Thomas Oles is Professor of Landscape Architecture at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. He has held positions at the University of Oregon, the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Cornell University, and the University of Edinburgh. He also practiced as a landscape architect in New York, San Francisco, and Amsterdam. Thomas' interests lie in the word and concept landscape; the history of the landscape architecture profession; symbolic representation of landscapes; and theories and practices of design pedagogy. He is the author of Go With Me: 50 Steps to Landscape Thinking (Architectura+Natura 2013) and Walls: Enclosure and Ethics in the Modern Landscape (University of Chicago Press 2015). He is also at work on a social and political history of landscape architecture. Thomas co-founded Forum on Fieldwork with Paula Horrigan in 2014.

You may download Thomas' CV here.


Paula Horrigan is Professor Emerita of Landscape Architecture and Placemaking at Cornell University. She is trained in landscape architecture and the visual arts, and has maintained her own design practice for over twenty years. In 2010 Paula co-founded Rust-to Green, a community-engaged design research initiative to foster resilience and revitalization in New York’s post-industrial cities. A fellow of the Community and Regional Development Institute (CaRDI) in the Department of Development Sociology at Cornell, she has published widely on matters related to community-engaged place making, most recently Service-Learning in Design and Planning: Educating at the Boundaries (New Village Press, 2011) and Community Matters: Service-Learning and Engaged Design and Planning (Earthscan, 2014). Paula co-founded Forum on Fieldwork with Thomas Oles in 2014.

You may download Paula's CV here.